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Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Theology

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Theology Courses

     Introduction to Grace

     The Problem of Mixing Law and Grace     

     The Problem & Cure For Condemnation  
     Success in Life Through Unmerited Favor  
     The God Who Seeks The Shunned
     The Kinsman Redeemer  
     Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage            

     Transformation Through The Fathers Love

      Writing Project


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PhD. in Christian Theology

 A $300 enrollment fee is required for this degree program. The student  that pays the $300 enrollment fee will receive one course at a time until all courses are completed. Upon completion of this degree program, the remaining $200 (which includes the graduation fee) will be required. Upon receipt of the remaining $200 your PhD. in Christian Theology degree and transcript will be mailed to you. Or, the student can pay the $400 in full for a savings of $100. You may make payments  while you are working on your courses to complete payment of the  remaining $200.00.  

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