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Certificate of Ordination For GraceLife Chaplains

This type of Ordination & License to Chaplain Ministry is for those who are a part of the GraceLife Ministries USA Family, Who will commit to Maintain Membership in GraceLife Chaplains Association and have completed our Training For Ministry and is under the Over-site of our Association. You Will Also Receive A 1 Year Membership in the GraceLife Chaplains Association. The Cost is just $10.00.


Certificate of Ordination For Independent Ministers

This type of Ordination & License to Chaplain Ministry is for those Chaplains who wish to remain an Independent Christian Chaplain who have no over-site relationship with GraceLife Chaplain's Association. The Cost is just $60.00.


Chaplain Ordination

No Matter if you are Ordained As a GraceLife Relationship Chaplain or an Independent Christian Chaplain, this gives you legal standing as an Ordained & Licensed Christian Chaplain! Order Your Ordination when you have completed your Chaplain Certification Courses.  Please fill out the Application For Chaplain Ordination & License GLM below in the Forms section and email to  

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